Are tantrums and mood swings ruling your life?

Join my 6 week online course and get the skills and confidence to improve your child's mood through food.

Food can change your child's mood

It’s amazing to think how something so simple (yet powerful!) like food can have such a huge impact on behaviour.

I’m here to tell you, food does have a profound impact on children’s behaviour. As a holistic nutritionist with a specialist practice for children, I see transformations time and time again.

I’m on a mission to help families uncover the potential in their kids and say goodbye to unnecessary behavioural issues. And that’s exactly why I created this course.

By the end of Create Cool, Calm and Cooperative Kids you’ll learn what’s important for your children to eat to help them live a happier life!

This is for you if you want to leave tantrums, mood swings, lack of focus and irritability in the past.
I’m Lisa Moane and I’m a Holistic Nutritionist and Food Scientist.  It’s my life’s work to help your child thrive by eating the right foods.

The perfect diet sounds like hard work, right? And probably expensive.

I have good news for you. You can make far better food for your child, than any company or factory.

The food you make will be less processed, more nutritious and (yes!) cheaper.

I promise, it’s not difficult. I have three young children and I understand what it’s like to balance work, family and other commitments. When I work with families, I make sure the advice I give is practical and can fit into the weekly routine.

Are you ready to revolutionise your child's diet and lifestyle?

How You'll Learn

I've designed the course to be flexible and fit into your life.

Coaching Videos

Coaching modules released weekly to guide you on what foods will boost your child's mood, which foods will make your child's mood worse and what home and lifestyle factors you should address too.

Recipe Ideas

Weekly recipes full of wholefood, kid- friendly recipes to help your family remove additives and processed food from their diet in a tasty way that will have kids eating their way to success.

Live Support

Real time support in a private Facebook group for course participants only, including regular Facebook live videos with open Q&A sessions to share experiences and answer questions.

“Absolutely loving cool, calm cooperative kids! I have learnt so much and I am only a couple of weeks in. So great to be a nutrition coach myself and still be able to learn new things especially how to dive a little deeper and learn how nutrition can not only help us as adults to be healthier, but to also help our children as well. Wish I didn't live a whole country away, I would love to attend one of the workshops that Lisa runs”


What You'll Learn

Module 1: Why is nutrition so important?

Find out why you need to look beyond Facebook and Instagram for your nutrition advice. Learn about the multitude of benefits your children will get from a nutrient dense diet, and the connection between food and mood. Hear my views on treats, and why we need to rethink cultural norms about treat foods. Here we will consider any roadblocks you might have to success on this journey. There is a super handy food and symptom diary to complete, to help you start to see the correlation between what your child eats and how they behave. This week's recipe book is full of breakfast recipes that will make you reconsider Weetbix!

Module 2: What exactly should kids be eating?

I introduce you to what your child should be eating every day. If you are following current dietary recommendations, your child may not be having optimal moods. There are foods that we should be feeding our children every day which will help stabilise their mood and reduce irritability. In week 2 you receive some kid-friendly lunch box recipes, full of mood-boosting ingredients. This week we start to assess where you are going to get your organic whole foods, and there are recipes for 3 different types of Paleo breads to experiment with.

Module 3: What should my child avoid eating?

There is a lot of evidence that food additives are causing harm to our children. In this module we look at the science which is frantically ringing the alarm bell about food additives. Learn about the connection between food allergies and intolerances and children's behaviour, and why it is important to prioritize organic food. In week 3, you are given a meal-planning template, and lots of delicious wholefood dinner recipes in this week's recipe book. If you are curious to read more, there are scientific papers to back up everything you are learning in the course and handouts on what a gluten-free diet is all about.

Module 4: What if my child is a fussy eater?

Now that we understand the importance of a healthy diet for brain health, we address the barriers to implementation. I provide lots of tips and strategies to help your child embrace healthy foods. In this week's recipe book there are some snack ideas to keep your child satisfied between meals. There is a family contract to complete and sign, and some ideas to help have great conversations over dinner.

Module 5: Lifestyle changes

Find out how to do an audit of your home to identify and remove toxins which could be affecting your child. Poor sleep can lead to behaviour issues so learn how to improve the quality and quantity of your child's sleep. There is a sleep diary for you to track you child's sleep habits, and what might be affecting them, and a bedroom audit to help you to see if there is something in your home which is affecting your child's sleep. If you child has sleep issues, there is a reward chart to help motivate change. This week's recipe book is full of healthy desserts, for special occasions.

Module 6: Bringing it all together and next steps

If you have concerns about your child's mood or focus, it is essential to complete modules 1-5 before you look at other interventions. A healthy, wholefood diet is the foundation for healthy brain health. Module 6 is all about what options you can look at next. Specific diets are discussed, as well as other therapies which can be useful. We revisit the food and symptom diary to help you see the improvements which have happened in the last 6 weeks. There is a handy guide to complete an elimination diet.

The total investment for a happier child is $198 payable in 2 instalments of $99 for the online program.  Or include 4 consultations, a Hair Tissue Analysis Test, an allergy test and candida test for $745 payable in 5 monthly instalments of $149.

“Thank you Lisa for all your valuable knowledge re good nutrition for little bellies. I've thoroughly enjoyed your 6 week program and have learned so much about eating healthy, wholesome and nutritious foods without all the nasties! It's taught me alot about eating organic produce, what to avoid, and how to better read food labelling. Such delicious recipes attached which my family love eating. Your passion, knowledge and information sharing is truly appreciated! I feel much more confident in knowing which foods are best for boosting your child's mood through food! Thank you from our bellies 😁 Now I'm off to make some black bean biscuits and zucchini bread”


Money back guarantee

Worried about not having time to complete the course, or concerned that your kids won’t eat other foods? I’m definitely here to help you through these issues but to make your decision easy, I offer a no-questions-asked 30-day money back guarantee.

Lifetime access to all learning materials

Revisit the learning modules whenever you need a refresher. If you thrive with one-on-one support, let’s make that happen for your family. Prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD).


Self-Study Course


payable in 2 instalments of $99

6 weekly video modules

Private Facebook group

Weekly live Q&A videos

All resources and recipes

Lifetime access (for the lifetime of the course)

Course + Personal Coaching


payable in 5 instalments of $149

4 Private Consultations

Hair Test

Food Allergy Test

Candida Test

6 weekly video modules

Private Facebook group

Weekly live Q&A videos

All resources and recipes

Lifetime access (for the lifetime of the course)

Frequently Asked Questions

For the self-study course, you receive 6 weekly learning modules, with videos, recipes and lots of extra materials.  You will also be granted access to a private Facebook group where I answer questions and do regular Facebook lives.  If you decide to go for the private support + course, you also get 4 private consultations, a hair test, food allergy test and candida test for your child.


Once you have the course, it is yours for the lifetime of the course.  The material will be delivered weekly to your inbox, but if you don’t get to it that week, it will be waiting for you when you’re ready


Absolutely.  There is a whole module dedicated to helping with fussy eating.  This is a major roadblock for lots of families, and we deal with it head-on.


If you don’t use Facebook, you won’t be able to access the Facebook group, where I help people with questions and do regular Facebook lives.  However, the course is substantial, and you will still get great results, even without Facebook


In the course, I share the importance of eating organic food, but I also share tips to help incorporate this food into your grocery budget.


No.  If you complete the course, including the homework, you will get great resources.  Some people prefer some more intensive help, and the private coaching is for these people.  If you do start the course and decide you would like private coaching, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at sayhello@holistichealthbylisamoane.com.au


If you do the learning modules and all the homework tasks, you will see results.  The last module is all about how to take your diet and lifestyle improvements one step further, to more specialised diets and supplementation.  If you choose to take it further, it is recommended to work with me in private coaching sessions, to ensure you do the more restricted diets in a healthy and sustainable way.  If you would prefer a refund within 30 days, please get in touch.


Please reach out to me at sayhello@holistichealthbylisamoane.com.au if you have any questions about the course.